Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to De Advieswinkel?

De Advieswinkel offers help to everyone from 8 years old and older, who would like to have a talk about a their mental health. Our psychologist-volunteers offer conversations to old and young people, caregivers, students, couples, employees and many more!

To which problem does De Advieswinkel offer a solution?

A lot of people have mental health related issues for years before they start seeking for healp in the mental healthcare. Some of the reasons for that are:
- high costs of psychological help
- taboo on psychological issues and help
- underestimating the issues

With what kind of concerns can people come to De Advieswinkel?

In general, it is about concerns that have an influence on your happiness in everyday life. You can think of stress, burn-out, loneliness, sadness, sleeping issues and difficulties processing illness or loss of a friend or family member. The conversations can be about your own concerns, but also about how to deal with someone close to you who is suffering from mental health issues.

What can you expect when you visit De Advieswinkel?

The visitor can expect a conversation in confidence, free of charge and anonymously about the topic of concern. The psychologist-volunteers will try to get a clear view of the issues the visitor is dealing with and will, together with the visitor, look for praktical advice and how to implement that into daily life. The visitor can five times come back for a conversation.

Is it mandatory to have mild psychological issues in order to make an appointment?

No. It is possible that you want to talk about something that you can not or do not want to share with your friends or family and our psychologist-volunteers are the right persons to do this with. A mental health problem is subjective and can mean something different for everyone.

How are the students guided?

Our experienced (often Masters) students psychology follow an extensive training before they start doing the actual conversations with visitors. After that, they have monthly intervision and supervision with GZ-psychologists and board members. They will also go to themenights where healthcare professionals share there experiences with different topics to expand their knowledge.